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"the most effective way of giving up smoking."

New Scientist said that hypnosis was the best method available to quit smoking. (New Scientist, issue 1845, 31October 1992, p6)

Are you ready to quit smoking ? Discover how to quit smoking with hypnosis safely and easily, increase your self-confidence, feel healthy, feel good, feel happy and feel better about yourself.

Hello, I am Karl W. Wirtz CH. I do truly believe that a new horizon awaits all of us. I have seen first hand the power of hypnosis and what hypnosis can do for individuals. I have stopped individuals from smoking that have smoked cigarettes since the age of thirteen. I have used it on my own family members for back pain from an automobile accident, on my son who had pain in his legs from running track. I have used it to relieve the pain associated with breast and lung cancer surgery scars. I have helped a young woman who had chronic pain, to walk, stand up straight and stop using pain killing drugs.

Now it's your turn. I want to help you to quit smoking now. To stop smoking and become a non smoker today. I want to help you control your weight loss or weight gain and appetite. I want to help you control your pain or even eliminate it completely. I want to help you to gain that self confidence that you so, rightly deserve. I want to help you to achieve your desired goals by breaking down that invisible barrier that always seems to get in your way. Please remember, your most valuable asset is You - You owe it to Yourself!

I am available for individual sessions or group sessions. I also do hypnosis demonstration or show that have both an educational and entertaining value, you can call to schedule an event for your organization or company.

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