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Quit Smoking
How To Quit Smoking In One Hour With Hypnosis.
   I am pleased to announce that we are expanding our coverage area. Now to include all of New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware and New York. If you want to quit smoking Hypnosis is by far the quickest way to quit smoking. Be sure to read the Testimonial page and check out our Video Testimonials on youtube.    

  So are you ready to quit smoking?  Because Hypnosis is the best method to quit smoking.  Discover how to quit smoking with hypnosis safely and easily, increase your self-confidence,  feel healthy, feel good, feel happy and feel better about yourself.
"the most effective way of giving up smoking."
New Scientist said that hypnosis was the best method available to quit smoking.(New Scientist, issue 1845, 31October 1992, p6)
  Hello, I am Karl W. Wirtz CH. I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Thank you for visiting New Horizons Hypnosis.  I am located in Blackwood, NJ.  I look forward to helping you discovering the many uses of hypnosis.
Did you know that patches and gum. Only has a 7% success rate.  You are less likely to succeed with these than with pure will power. (Shiffman et alia, May 2002
"Addictions" issue 97(5) pp505-516)
  Using hypnosis to change your mind, can change your life.  Weather you want to quit smoking or to loose weight it becomes easy and simple.  Just allow your two minds to agree and the process will transform your life forever.  Now, that all sounds really simple, right!  But, we have the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.  The subconscious is in control of  98% of every function in your body. While the conscious is in charge of the remaining 2%.  They must be in agreement with each other, for you to achieve your goals in your life.  If not, they will work against each other and sabotage or interfere with your goal of quitting smoking, eating to much of  the bad foods or too little of best foods for weight loss.  Hypnosis can change your mind set about your diet and weight loss goals (Example: You go to the Fast Food Place.  You can order a Salad (GOOD) or you can order that Big Juicy Half Pound Burger with all the toppings (BAD).  Now you know inside which one you should order, but you give in to the Big Juicy Half Pound Burger with all the toppings.)  Why, did you do that?   Because, your two minds are in conflict with each other.   To obtain your goals, you must first have harmony between the two, they must be congruent.  Even the best diet for weight loss program can fail.  This is where the use of hypnosis comes into making these decisions easier and easier, every time you make that right decision to eat the best foods for weight loss the stronger and more re-enforced  that suggestion becomes in your, two minds.  The life changing suggestion then becomes your new life style.
Will power has likelihood of between 6 and 11% chance of success
(Shiffman's Study and the New Scientist article)
  I do truly believe that a new horizon awaits all of us.  I get asked all the time "does hypnosis work?"  I have seen first hand the power of hypnosis and what hypnosis can do for individuals.  I have used it on my own family members for back pain from an automobile accident, on my son who had pain in his legs from running track.  I have used it to relieve the pain associated with breast and lung cancer surgery scars.  I have helped a young woman who had chronic pain, to walk, stand up straight and stop using pain killing drugs.  I have stopped individuals from smoking that have smoked cigarettes since the age of thirteen.  I have also turned my sister-in-law into a non smoker after twenty some years as a smoker in less than a hour.
  Now, it's your turn.  I want to help you to quit smoking now!  Stop smoking and become a non smoker today.  I want to help you control your diet for weight loss or weight gain and appetite. I want to help you to make the right nutritional eating habit choices and end that desire for eating comfort foods.  I know you have had enough of comfort eating.  You want to change your bad eating habits and I can help you with the use of hypnosis.  I can help you shed that unwanted weight without popping pills just by reprogramming your two minds to  eat the best foods for weight loss.  I want to help you to manage fibromyalgia, chronic pain, with hypnosis or even eliminate it completely.   I want to help you gain that self confidence that you so rightly deserve.  Using hypnosis for your self-esteem will help you build your self-confidence to be a better you.  With hypnosis you can improve your creativity.  I want to help you to improve your creativity and enhance that amazing imagination that is asleep deep within you.  I want to help you to achieve your desired goals by breaking down that invisible barrier that always seems to get in your way.  You know the ones that I'm talking about, I'll do that tomorrow or I can get to it next week.  But, tomorrow never seems to come and next week never seems to happen.  All of your good intentions just fade away.
Please remember, your most valuable asset is You.
Did you hear me?  Your most valuable asset is You -You owe it to Yourself! 
It really is true. 
You owe it to your spouse, your children, your family, because after all  they are YOU.
Don't you want to be the best that you can be?  Of course you do.
Now is the time to take action.  You know that, that is why you are still here.  
  The first step of your journey beings now.  What is awaiting you, on your new horizon?
A smoke free life, breathing easier, climbing the steps without stopping, a longer life, a thinner you or maybe a more beautiful and confident you.  Maybe a life without that nagging pain that holds you back or maybe less pain every morning and evening, taking long enjoyable pain free walks, playing with the grandchildren, feeling healthy, feeling good, feeling happy, and living life on your terms!
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And see what new horizon awaits you.

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