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Alan wrote: "It does!! I haven't even had a craving!!! Not sure how much, inbox Karl W. Wirtz on facebook and tell him I sent you."
Alan wrote: "It's been about 5 months so far since I quit smoking and I am still going strong and haven't smoked a cigarette. Thanks to Karl W. Wirtz for helping me through hypnosis!!!!"
Had a great hypnosis session with Karl the other day. He is great at what he does! I felt great after the session!! I would HIGHLY reccommend him to others!!!
Alan Fenstermaker12:42am Dec 12
"Wants to thank Karl for making me a non-smoker....not an ex-smoker, just a non-smoker. No cravings or problems. I have given your info to others. Again Thanks"
Cherylann wrote: "Hey Karl, checked out the new website...nice. I have been giving your number out to everyone who asks for it. Let me know if anyone calls you and uses me as a referral. I told Jim he needs to quit b-4 we move to GA this month."
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